5th Grade team returns to global tournament

Almond Acres Charter Academy’s Ready Set Go Destination Imagination Team has qualified once again to compete at the Destination Imagination Global Finals Tournament in Kansas City, MO, May 22 through May 25.

Ready Set Go is a team of fifth grade students competing in the Project Outreach/Service Learning Challenge. For their service project they chose to raise funds for Lifewater International. The team received first place at the Regional Tournament on Feb. 23 and was also awarded the Renaissance Award, an honor for teams whose solutions have exceptional and outstanding skills in engineering, design, and performance. They placed third at the State Tournament on April 6, earning their invitation to Global Finals. The team members are: Lauren Fash, John “Jack” Hamon, Van Ogorsolka, and Kaile’a Stoltzfus.

In order to attend, the team is seeking sponsors to help cover the tournament fees and travel expenses associated with the trip. The team would like to thank Central Coast Home Health, Inc. and the Pritt family for being a primary sponsor. If you have interest in sponsoring this team, please contact Jill Ogorsolka at jill@almondacres.com or call the school directly at 805-467-2095. Almond Acres Charter Academy is a 501(c)(3), and all donations are tax deductible.

Via: Paso Robles Daily News

Sharpen the Saw: Be Strong in Key Moments

As you attempt to win your Daily Private Victory (AKA, sharpening your saw; heart, mind, body, & soul), you’ll encounter obstacles. These difficult, pivotal moments include such things as:
  • Getting up on time (“mind over mattress”)
  • Controlling your temper and not saying the unkind thing
  • Disciplining yourself to eat healthy foods
  • Sticking to your reading regimen when you are busy
When you discipline yourself to make it through these decisive moments, you will reap great rewards.
Ways to Practice
Heart – Spend some carefree timelessness with family and friends.
Mind – Tell your brain what you want to do. Skip the “try” word. Use “will”!
Body – Say yes to a good walk, meal, and night sleep.
Soul – Enter the classroom of silence and have a nice chat with yourself.
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