Almond Acres Academy celebrates eighth grade promotion

Almond Acres Charter Academy celebrated the promotion to high school of their eighth grade class on Wednesday, June 5, 2019. The celebration was held in the Lillian Larsen Gymnasium in San Miguel at 4 p.m. This is the fifth year the academy has had an eighth grade class being promoted to high school, and the San Luis Obispo County community was invited to participate and attend the celebration.

While the eighth grade class stated that they are looking forward to new opportunities in high school, the students also reflected on their experience at the small, close-knit charter school. Some of their favorite activities this year included girls volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and Art in the Dark–an evening art show the class organized and hosted. “We’ve become family,” they said, “and made some great memories.”

The eighth graders may be taking the next step toward their future, but they will be leaving their own mark on the charter school campus. “At Almond Acres Charter Academy, we place a high value on helping students recognize and implement their natural talents to make a difference in both their school and community,” said Bob Bourgault, Executive Director.  As such, the graduating 8th graders spent numerous hours giving back with their time and abilities.  Many in the class helped organize and implement a canned food drive, week-long childhood cancer awareness activities and fundraising, along with cleaning up the middle school quad and schoolwide makerspace.  They also planted a sunflower garden as their lasting gift. The 8th graders will forever be remembered for their contributions to both their school and community.

Via Paso Robles Press