Flexible = Exceptional

We’re Nimble. At Almond Acres we had to adapt to COVID 19 like every other school, and we adapted fast. From our surveys, 100% of our families were satisfied with our transition to distance learning. Here are some key reasons why: 

  1. We maintained! We held on to our routines and programs in the first week of closure. Shared Start kicked off every morning and teachers re-engaged all students into the class. Our students and families could count on us consistently —  every morning M-F at 8:00 am! We saw each other, connected and set the tone for the day ahead. Staff and our student leadership team ran the meeting and each day had a theme, same as it did at in-person school. Mondays we addressed the habit of mind and Tuesdays we reiterated TeRRiFiC citizenship. Wednesdays we wished happy birthdays. Thursdays we shared what makes us thankful. Fridays we shared some funnies.  Best of all, our students showed up! We got 150-200 views daily and some kids kept wearing their uniforms! 
  2. We kept it simple and consistent! We used the same apps and platforms across all classes and grades. Flip Grid, Zoom, Google classroom. Parents, families and students all learned and accessed the same distance learning protocols, regardless of their grade. If one application didn’t work for all grades of our kids, we changed it. Quickly! 
distance learning
  1. We stayed connected! We set the expectation early – and we met it — that students would see their teachers everyday. If they weren’t online, we’d give them a call. We worked together to problem-solve and to maintain structure. 
  2. We shared! Photos, funnies, student artwork, creations and birthday wishes. We are a community first and foremost and we showed it even when not together in the same building. Character development is an enormous part of our curriculum and we continued our commitment to it, even when learning from afar.
boy in AACA green shirt
  1. We persevered! We even continued annual events virtually such as the Read and Run Relay, Maker Faire, and a Talent Show! 

We’re immensely proud of our Almond Acres family for how well we ALL adapted to  COVID19 and the uncertain landscape. We are energized by the positive reviews we continue to receive from families — students and parents — about how we did. And whatever is decided for Fall 2020 and the school year ahead, you can bet we will be ready to share, maintain, connect, keep it simple and consistent, and persevere! 

Every child is unique. At Almond Acres tuition-free public charter school, we serve grades K-8 and we educate the whole child: heart, mind, body, and soul.  Our focus on meaningful educational experiences within our community embraces service and project-based learning.  We also emphasize character development and strong citizenship standards alongside our robust curriculum. We are enrolling now. We grow great kids! 



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