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Many hands make light work, especially when you are in your 50’s. Words such as community, harmony, teamwork, family, and synergy express the outcomes of people working and living together cooperatively. It is nice to know that we live with others who are willing and able to help us be a better version of ourselves.
Thinking interdependently is one of the habits that uses many of the habits we have already practiced: flexibility, listening with understanding, thinking win-win, sacrifice, communicating with clarity, and so on. Thinking interdependently recognizes that our lives are happier and more successful when we work together.
Our effort between school and home to raise healthy and intelligent young people may be our most important interdependent relationship. When we share the same philosophy about educating children and teach meaningful habits, we more than double the influence on their minds.
It is clear to neuroscientist’s that the link between interdependence and learning is profound. When children believe that they are not alone and they have help from teachers and peers, the level of stress to learn diminishes dramatically. Knowing that we are never alone is a powerful defense against fear and boost for success.
  • Heart – purposely help a friend struggling with a problem.
  • Mind – read a story with someone and individually speak the parts of the characters.
  • Body – work together to complete a set of chores instead of working alone.
  • Soul – share how your personal smarts help others.
“Many hands make light work” – English poet John Heywood, 1546
“It is good to rub and polish our brain against that of others.” – Michael De Montaigne

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