Our school logo is one of the best ways to illustrate the habit of synergy. When we balance our lives in all four ways (heart, mind, body, and soul) we become a better version of ourselves. When we neglect any one of these elements, we’re not running on all four tires. Life becomes more challenging and the disruption causes strife in the other three areas.

Synergizing our lives is a constant challenge and requires constant reflection. If a student only focuses time and energy on one element of the whole, the rest are diminished. When each is given its due time and energy, the rest flourish as well. Each makes the other stronger. Heart, plus mind, plus body, plus soul makes us healthy and whole.  I can’t say that I have ever had all four completely balanced in my life, but I know that when I am conscious of each and don’t neglect them I am happier, more satisfied, and more successful. The reason why our logo colors are swished is to point out that we should stay in motion with each of these areas of our life. When they each get our attention we experience synergy.

Ask your child the following questions and then ask if there is one element/color that they would like to stretch this week. 

  • Heart – How are you getting along and caring for family, friends, pets, and a garden?
  • Mind – How proactive are you in achieving academic success?
  • Body – How are your eating, exercising, and sleeping habits?
  • Soul – How much time do you spend seeking peace with music, prayer, meditation, and/or self-reflection?

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