The Shows Must Go On!

Lights. Camera. Action! The pandemic didn’t stop our annual talent show or theatre efforts. 

Instead of our annual theatre production, our eighth graders filmed a movie. We were thrilled to work with Paso Robles Youth Arts Center and are grateful for their partnership during COVID restrictions to make this movie happen.  Our movie is called, “ Precisely the Right Price” and with a small donation, anyone can watch it.  Download your copy today

Almond Acres Charter Academy students onstage and in a movie with Paso Robles Youth Arts Center

We love it when we get to work with local  businesses, organizations, and individuals to support our youth and community. A special thanks to the talented Claire Fundaro who wrote and directed the show and the creative Ryan Flores for making magic with tech and lights! Our students are so fortunate to learn from both of these talented and generous humans.

Also, we’d like to give a shout-out to Eileen Higgins and Amy Baker for believing that the arts belong in school and helping make this production happen. 

“Almond Acres offers a unique opportunity for its students through the process of production. The lessons that are taught in theatre will impact all aspects of these students’ lives. They’re given the chance to grow their confidence from auditioning, to rehearsing in front of their peers, and to the final product which creates a strong character within them. The process is invaluable, and I’m so grateful to be a part of the magic that only theatre can create.” 

~Claire Fundaro
Almond Acres Charter Academy student on a stage in character for a movie created with Paso Robles Youth Arts Center

Almond Acres’ Got Talent! 

Over 30 submissions this year! Our students submitted a two-minute video showcasing their talents. Once all the videos were submitted, we released them for viewing and commenting. Many classes had a “Talent Show Viewing Party”! Our AACA students have so many talents: from singing and dancing, to horseback riding and crafting!

Almond Acres Charter Academy knows that learning is most impactful when creativity is involved. 

About Almond Acres

Every child is unique. At Almond Acres tuition-free public charter school, we serve grades K-8 and we educate the whole child: heart, mind, body, and soul.  Our focus on meaningful educational experiences within our community embraces service and project-based learning.  We also emphasize character development and strong citizenship standards alongside our robust curriculum. We are enrolling now. We grow great kids! 

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