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A Word

From Our Director

As a parent and educator, I believe that every child can succeed, but success looks different for every child. Parents and educators are there to guide each child on their individual journey to discover personal success, growing them in both their strengths and struggles along the way.

– Jeff Cadwallader

Our Teachers


headshot of Monica Poudrier on gray background

Monica Poudrier

headshot of Madison Van Meter on gray background

Madison Van Meter

headshot of Wendy Woodard on gray background

Wendy Woodard

headshot of Megan Zettle on gray background

Megan Zettle

headshot of Jill Chavez on gray background

Jill Chavez

headshot of Kathy Hanson on gray background

Kathy Hanson

headshot of Francisco Campoverde on gray background

Francisco Campoverde

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Richard Gallegos

headshot of Devon Grey on gray background

Devon Grey

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Ellyshia Meling

headshot of Bethany Collins on gray background

Bethany Collins

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Diane Stensrud


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Joshua Holland

6th Grade ELA/Social Science


headshot of Vince Walla on gray background

Vince Walla

6th Grade Math/Science


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7th/8th Grade Math


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Emilie Cronauer

7th/8th Grade ELA


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Spencer Murray

7th/8th Grade Social Science


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Emily Rauch

7th/8th Grade Science



headshot of Sean Sommerville on gray background

Sean Sommerville

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Roberto Quintero

Recreation Teacher


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Sophie Young

Recreation Teacher



headshot of Claudia Renteria on gray background

Claudia Renteria

School Psychologist


headshot of Missy McFarlane on gray background

Missy McFarlane

Speech-Language Pathologist


headshot of Katie Chappell on gray background

Katie Chappell

Speech-Language Pathology Assistant


headshot of Joe Peckham on gray background

Joe Peckham

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Desiree Secor

headshot placeholder image

Jessica Stokes

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Elsa Marak

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Kirk Nordby

Administrative Staff

headshot of Amy Baker in front of tree

Amy Baker

Program Consultant


headshot of Carrie Fiel on gray background

Carrie Fiel

Curriculum Director


headshot of Amy Brabenec on gray background

Amy Brabenec

headshot of Yvette Soliven on gray background

Yvette Soliven

Support Services Director


headshot of Leo Castillo on gray background

Leo Castillo

Student Affairs & Facilities Coordinator


headshot of Erin Colegrove on gray background

Erin Colegrove

Administrative Assistant


headshot of Leslie Almaguer on gray background

Leslie Almaguer

Administrative Assistant


headshot of Bob Bourgault in cowboy had in front of tree

Bob Bourgault

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Jim Fotinakes

Administrative Consultant


Office Personnel & Support Staff

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Edith Puga

Site Secretary


headshot of Maria Gutierrez on gray background

Maria Gutierrez

headshot of Aaron Bailey on gray background

Aaron Bailey

Student Affairs & Facilities Supervisor


headshot of Yolanda Goldammer on gray background

Yolanda Goldammer

headshot of MaryAnn Weis on gray background

Mary Ann Weis

Food Services

headshot of Eduardo Alvarez on gray background

Eduardo Alvarez

Maintenance and Logistics

headshot of Adelina Ruiz on gray background

Adelina Ruiz

Custodial Lead

headshot placeholder image

Bertha Fuerte


headshot placeholder image

Rosa Martin


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Ricardo Puga


headshot placeholder image

Jillian Martin

Campus Supervisor

headshot of Sandra Cordova on gray background

Sandra Cordova

Support Teacher

headshot of Priscilla Cota on gray background

Priscilla Cota

Support Teacher

headshot of Maria Cuara on gray background

Maria Cuara

Support Teacher

headshot of Ashley Dritsas on gray background

Ashley Dritsas

Support Teacher

headshot of Vanessa Espinoza on gray background

Vanessa Espinoza

Support Teacher

headshot placeholder image

Michele Fielder

Support Teacher

headshot placeholder image

Brie Howenstine

Support Teacher

headshot of Carina Muguia on gray background

Carina Munguia

Support Teacher