Almond Acres Charter Academy Breaks Ground in Paso Robles

North Coast Engineering recently featured the Almond Acres school construction project in Paso Robles on their blog.

February 10, 2021 – North Coast Engineering was selected to be part of the design-build team by Canyon Building and Design, LLC to prepare the Civil design for the Almond Acres Charter Academy project. The scope included:

  • Grading and drainage design that meets post construction stormwater control requirements from California’s RWQCB,
  • Utility design including a sewer lift station design
  • Frontage improvements including accessible curb ramp design
  • SWPPP development

NCE continues working on the project by assisting with construction administration and construction staking for the construction Contractor, Spurr Co.

Almond Acres Charter Academy is a tuition-free K-8, public school that has been known on the Central Coast since 2012. The school is currently located in San Miguel and is open to all students in all communities. The construction of the new campus takes place on Niblick Road just west of Creston Road. The 32,000 square foot building will serve to support Almond Acres’ unique educational experience and add more functionality to the learning environment.

Via North Coast Engineering



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