Almond Acres Charter Academy closes escrow on new school site

–Almond Acres Charter Academy closed escrow on a 3.1-acre property on 1145 Niblick Road Friday, Aug. 30, 2019.

The tuition-free public charter school serves 240 students in North SLO County and will be relocating to Paso Robles where 70-percent of its families reside.

“I’ve been a part of the facility team for five years,” said AACA Board President Samer Mohamed. “We’ve been actively looking for a home that we can call our own in which we can grow and thrive as a school.”

After a seven-year search for a property that met the school’s budget and safety requirements, the facilities team can now focus on the project’s next steps.

“The fact that we are going to be in a permanent structure building with our own playground and our own activity field is exciting,” Perino said. “We will have the resources we need to fully execute the educational programing that Mr. B and his team have developed.”

Perino said that he is excited to get moving on developing the blueprint design and construction of the school’s new location, with a swift goal of opening for instruction in Fall 2021.

“Now that we have closed escrow, the real work begins,” Perino said. “We will be working with our bond issuer, the City of Paso Robles, Paso Robles Unified as well as San Miguel Joint Unified school districts, as we move forward with the permitting process and the different approval processes for construction.”

Almond Acres is a tuition-free public charter school that is required to have some of the same fundamental certifications as a traditional public school, Mohamed said.

“The difference [between a charter school and a public school] is we have some more flexibility in how we can teach and what type of curriculum we can offer,” said Mohamed.

When asked about the learning environment at the charter academy Executive Director Bob Bourgault, also known as Mr. B said. “Learning is something you do, not something that happens to you. We spend a lot of time helping each child understand how they’re smart.”

Almond Acres is currently accepting enrollment applications for grade levels K-7. Tours are available upon request. For more information, visit

Via: Paso Robles Daily News

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