Almond Acres Charter Academy’s ‘Read & Run Relay’ to be held on St. Patrick’s Day

SAN MIGUEL, CA – Almond Acres Charter Academy, the North County’s only Charter School, will host its 5th annual ‘Read & Run Relay’ in the afternoon on St. Patrick’s Day, Friday, March 17, 2017. The school launched the event February 27th, giving students three weeks to log reading time, train for the run, and collect pledges. The K-8, non-tuition, public school’s goal is significant: Read 100,000 minutes, Run 250 miles, and Raise $20,000.

“Almond Acres Charter Academy is built on the philosophy that each child is unique, and that by teaching to the individual, students will achieve optimal levels of success, and become great citizens”, said Executive Director Bob Bourgault, “By allowing students to show off their skills, whether they love reading, running, or a combination of both, we are honoring the whole student: heart, mind, body, and soul. By celebrating each child’s unique makeup, we get tremendous buy in from the students, and that is how we are able to set and achieve such big goals.”

To further round out the event, Almond Acres holds an annual art contest where students enter drawings to be considered for the official ‘Read & Run Relay’ t-shirt. “This event is wonderful because it is inclusive. Academics, athletics, and art are all brought together for families and the community to celebrate and support our students”, said Erin Colegrove, the event’s coordinator. “The event itself is one short hour, jam packed with fun and celebration for our kiddos; it’s awesome!”

Like the event itself, sponsors have many ways to participate. Sponsorships can be made per minute of reading or running, per lap run, or a flat rate for reading and/or running.  Donations can be given directly to the school or online via Pledge Star at Monies raised will go toward the purchase of books, digital reading apps, and equipment to enhance the Recreation and Wellness (PE) program at Almond Acres.



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