Almond Acres helps school affected by Butte Fire

–Last week, Almond Acres Charter Academy was focused on learning about the character trait kindness, which is the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate and how students may apply the concepts in real life. In that spirit, AACA reached out to a school in Calaveras County to see how they could be of service to the students impacted by the Butte Fire. This fire burned over 70,000 acres and 47 residences.

Just down the road from the childhood home of Amy Brabenec, one of AACA’s kindergarten teachers, is a small K-6 school with 48 students called Rail Road Flat Elementary. While the school was spared, many of those families lost their homes and belongings in the Butte Fire.

AACA students are writing letters of empathy and encouragement and collecting items in a few different categories: blankets, books, toys, games, art and school supplies, as well as gift cards for the specific students that AACA is adopting.

“This service learning project is the perfect example of teaching a character trait, such as kindness, and allowing students to put it into practice through their actions. The students are able to show kindness in a meaningful way to other students who really need it during this moment in their lives,” says Brabenec. For more information, call (805) 467-2095.

Via: Paso Robles Daily News



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