Educational Protection Account

The California Department of Education’s website summarizes the Education Protection Account as follows:

“Proposition 30, The Schools and Local Public Safety Protection Act of 2012, approved by the voters on November 6, 2012, temporarily increases the state’s sales tax rate for all taxpayers and the personal income tax rates for upper-income taxpayers. The revenue generated by the measure’s temporary tax increases is included in the calculations of the Proposition 98 minimum guarantee—raising the guarantee by billions of dollars each year. A portion of the new revenues therefore would be used to support increased school funding, with the remainder helping to balance the state budget.

The new revenues generated from Proposition 30 are deposited into a newly created state account called the Education Protection Account (EPA).”

LCFF Budget Overview for Parents

Review our LCFF for the 2020-21 school year.

Learning Continuity & Attendance Plan

Review our Local Control and Accountability Plan.

Local Control & Accountability Plan

Review our Local Control and Accountability Plan.

Prop 28 School Site Expenditure Plan

In November 2022, California voters passed Proposition 28, the Arts and Music In Schools (AMS) Act, which will provide ongoing annual funding for arts education

School Accountability Report Card

Each year, California public schools report information regarding student achievement, environment, resources and demographics.

Title IX

In compliance with Education Code Section 221.9, Almond Acres Charter Academy provides the requisite information for its competitive athletics program. Data regarding students participating in competitive sports is based on the total number of players on a team roster on the official first day of competition. 

TITLE IX COORDINATOR:  Jeff Cadwallader,

Western Association of Schools and Colleges

The Accrediting Commission for Schools Western Association of Schools and Colleges states that Almond Acres Charter Academy meets the ACS WASC criteria for accreditation.